Our Blog

  • How is the blog organized?
    There are categories for each of you and for the different areas: Use of English, Oral Presentations, Writings, Lending Library and Students. You will also find a calendar to check the homework and the dates of the Tests and the Oral Presentations. These categories and the calendar appear on the Menu under the header. On the right you may find the Grammar category where you will find exercises and games that will help you to revise.
  • When and what for is the blog used?
    I post activities for you to work on in class, tutorials and games for revision and practice. You will also post the final outcome of your own writing productions.I also publish your Oral Presentations and the activities you do for the Lending Library.
  • Who participate and how?
    You and I will be posting on the blog. I expect you to comment on the work done by your classmates and on my posts,and we also invite your parents to comment on our work too! as .